NOTICE: Your signup to crew will be active for only one PGSC Race Series. At the end of a season, all names will be deleted and you will need to sign up again. Skippers can use the Crewing List to call and interview potential Crew Members . If you find a crewing position, write to the webmaster ( ) to have your name removed.
Punta Gorda Sailing Club offers the Crew List only as a service to our members. All match making and crewing agreements will take place between the Race Skippers and Available Crew at their own initiation. The Punta Gorda Sailing Club neither makes nor implies any guarantee, warranty or recommendation regarding the individuals participating in the Crew List, the condition of Skipper's boats, or any weather or sea conditions that may be encountered. The Crew List will exist to bring more fun and enjoyment to our Club's Racing Program. By taking part in Race Crewing, you must make certain commitments of time, effort and dependability. Please realize that the continued good reputation of the Crew List depends upon all participants living up to those commitments.