Local Boater Option ...
What is Local Boater Option ?

Local Boater Option is a program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that allows boaters to bypass a step in the required process to reenter the country. Recreational U.S. boaters returning home from foreign ports may no longer have to go to an immigration and customs office for a reentry interview. With the new process, boaters can complete a one-time registration with their local U.S. Customs and Border Protection office. They must present proof of citizenship or legal permanent residence and submit identifying details about their vessels. Boaters are given a personal registration number when they sign up for the Local Boater Option program.

After registering, boaters arriving from foreign ports will still have to call an 800 number to connect with passport control officers. The boaters will give their registration numbers over the phone and, in most cases, they will not have to report in person after arriving back in the United States.

Officer Noble, of the US Customs and Border Protection Office, will be at the PGSC November 14th meeting to talk about the Local Boater Option and to help boaters register at the meeting.  This will save our Members a trip to the Ft Myers airport to register. Below, you will find links to 3 documents :
If you wish to participate and get you and your companion travelers registered at the PGSC November 14th meeting, you need to print 1 form per person registering for the Local Boater Option. Complete all the required information in the form as per the Instruction sheet above. Bring the completed forms to the meeting along with proof of citizenship ( Passport ) or legal permanent residence. As per the current program, there is no fee for Local Boater Option and  and there is no expiration.